Mr. Hurricane by Beast

Who : Beast from Montreal.

What : I’ve been waiting for this track to post and now its here! (thanks Kat). Check out the first offering of Montreal’s Beast , an experimental union between the powerful and sensual voice of Beatrice Bonifassi (the voice of Champion and one from The Triplets of Belleville ) and the dirty beats of composer and drummer Jean-Phi Goncalves (from Plaster who we dig here). In short, the duo of Betty and Jean-Phi. The record comes out Sept. 30th as a joint venture between Vega Music and new start-up label Pheromone Recordings (who are also working with these guys ). Catch them on the road this fall with You Say Party We Say Die! .

Song : Mr. Hurricane . Reminds me of Jamie Lidell ‘s most interesting stuff with Moby appeal? But edgier than that. And that chorus…. I’m blanking, reminds me of something older. Anyone? Help me out?