Do you ever listen to a song and in your head, mash up other songs with it on the fly?  I seem to do it all the time when listening to the radio these days, turning sometimes to Toronto’s newest radio station (Indie 88) for new tunes.  I’ve gotta say, the programming has been pretty solid, with a great mix of new and old.  I will never get why they play the Violent Femmes so much.  I do understand why they’re spinning the Born Ruffians tune “Needle”.  Its pretty awesome, totally catchy.

Back to my original thought, when I hear “Needle” (specifically in the chorus), where Luke Lalonde sings “A way, a way, a way to always belong / Belong, belong, wont be long until I am gone”, I’m constantly mashing it up with chorus of the Talking Head’s “Burning Down The House”.  Do you hear it?  Perhaps it somehow ear wormed its way into “Needle” somehow, as the band (or Luke at least) have covered the song in the past.

Any DJs out there want to make this mash-up and make it happen?