Never Ending Circles

Perhaps the most anticipated release of this fall is Chvrches‘ sophomore album, Every Open Eye. Last month, Lauren Mayberry (vocals), Martin Doherty (synths), and Iain Cook (guitar) gave us a little teaser with the single, “Leave a Trace”, and now they bring us one step closer with “Never Ending Circles”.

What I love about the album so far is Mayberry’s new voice. And not voice like vocals but voice as in her stance in this world. She exudes a newfound strength and assertiveness in her tone that’s both empowering and inspirational. In the past, Mayberry has spoken out about topics that are typically left undiscussed like rape and misogyny. Perhaps this album serves as an extension of her proclamation; especially given some of the titles on the track list like ‘Playing Dead’ and ‘Bow Down.’

Check out “Never Ending Circles” below. Enjoy, and thanks Chvrches for being so awesome!