New EP – Mesita ‘XYXY’

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“This is a weight that needed to be lifted. I was just spinning the tires” is the beginning of an emotional sentiment from James (Mesita) for his latest EP offering. His artistry is louder, telling his listeners that these songs are needing to be released first in order for him to feel free of the ‘baggage’ and forge ahead to make the album he so vividly envisions.

XYXY is yet another superb addition to his impressive discography. A carriage of light and airy-piano carries his beautiful falsetto in ‘Alone Is OK’ leading into ‘Hostages’, a sound that morphs quite comfortably into a less conservative electro-drum peak. The heightened energy then flows into the refreshing ‘Kingston’- a much welcomed higher tempo that displays his honey-dripping vocal perfectly. It’s timing is sublime.  The finale of XYXY completes this quartet of sounds by exposing a gloriously catchy chorus for a run-up to the finish. I, however, did a loop-de-loop and went back around to start again from Number 1…