New Jonsi (Sigur Ros) song ‘Boy Lilikoi’

Something to take you into the weekend.

A taste from the upcoming solo record from Sigur Ros‘s lead singer J򭱀, a record that see him collaborating with composer Nico Mulhy (who has worked with Grizzly Bear, Bjork).

something I’m not used to, this song is in English! Check out Boy Lilikoi.

(seen at gorilla vs. bear)

Speaking of Sigur Ros, eMusic posted their best albums of the decade list, which they have Agaetis Byrjun at #13.򭱀 I agree its an amazing album, but didn’t it come out in 1999?򭱀 I’m working on my list and yes, there will be a Sigur Ros record in the top 10, but it might not be Agaetis Byrjun.