New Music From Astronauts, etc. – “Fuss”

It’s Friday and since 7am I’ve been knocking e-mails out of my inbox to get an early start on this weekend.  At this point its definitely possible, but its still so early, who knows what will happen today…..

I heard the newest track from Astronauts, etc. yesterday, but couldn’t find the time to get it up on the blog for you.  Oaklander Anthony Ferraro is back, announcing that his lead single “Fuss” comes from the upcoming release of the Sadie EP, on Sept. 6th via Hit City U.S.A.    “Fuss” marks a departure from previous efforts, aiming to reconcile two distinct moods which characterize the main sections of the song.  Fans of Jai Paul, James Blake will dig this track, check it out.