New Music From Dan Griffin, “The Hum”

It was nice to get an e-mail last week from now Windsor, Ontario-based musician Dan Griffin, but even nicer to hear some of the new songs that he’s been working on.  There’s three of them to be exact, an EP called “Bordertown”, which will be released digitally on his own imprint (Ragg Wool Records) in the first week of August.  The EP was self-produced/mixed and recorded in his apartment in Windsor and the songs are about living in a run-down city or state of mind and the way borders help shape the way we identify ourselves…ultimately it’s about finding meaningful connections in the people and places around you.

The EP also deals with living alongside a strange phenomenon, called “the Windsor hum”, which is low frequency noise that residents have been complaining about for years but haven’t been able to identify its source or its effects.  I’ve read about this phenomenon.  Apparently, some people believe that the sound is coming from an industrial area located on the U.S side of the Detroit River called Zug Island.

I wonder if you can hear it in the back of these recordings?  Take a listen for that hum in “The Hum”.

Toronto kids, go see Dan live on Thurs at the Dakota.

TIX HERE $10 advance / $12 door

*Dan Griffin press photo by Maya Bankovic