New Music From The One AM Radio

the one am radio

I received an e-mail today from the One AM Radio‘s Hrishikesh Hirway, tipping me to the fact that April 12th will be the release date for their new album “Heaven Is Attached by A Slender Thread” (via Dangerbird).  The record took four years to create, at points steering towards a dance record.  But Hirway has stuck to what he does best, this record carries the theme of not being able to escape your nature and “the distance between who you think you could be, and who you really are”.  Baths lent additional production to the song “Ticking Heart”, “Weathering (The News)” was co-written with alias and the record was mixed by Tony Hoffer (Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Phoenix, Air).  Look for the band on the road in May with Houses and in the meantime, try on “Sunlight”.

Sunlight by The One AM Radio

You can get the track for free if you “like” their facebook page, or in exchange for your e-mail on their homepage.   Also, check out the Prefuse 73 remix at RCRD LBL.