New Music From Satchmode, “Hall & Oates”

Hall Oates Art Animated

I’ve been covering LA dream pop band Satchmode for quite a while now, always excited to hear a new track from the duo (multi-instrumentalists Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis).  From their second EP called Afterglow (out Jan. 2015) comes “Hall & Oates”, a song about “realizing that you don’t love someone anymore, and that once you’ve fallen out of love there’s no way to bring it back.  You keep clinging to the relationship because you desperately want that feeling again, but you know deep down that it’s gone for good”.  The song evolved out of the main synth riff in the verse, with the melody and lyrics coming quickly after, followed by months of perfecting the arrangement.

Since their first EP (Collide), they’ve added a full live band.  Rather than program the drum parts, they had their drummer record with a full kit, then layering synth drums over that to keep their electronic, dancey vibe.

Want to hear more?  Check out this interesting remix of Bon Iver’s “Holocene”.