News and Music

Got an e-mail from Stefano Boscutti the other day about his website appropriately called ‘Stefano Boscutti’s Newsreel‘. In a way of transforming the news we receive everyday, he posts a slide show or photo-journal of world news, scored with new music, or songs you’d normally find on music blogs or sites like this one. Here’s June 19th’s news with ‘Only Pieces’ by Here We Go Magic.

Adding to my rss feed over time, I have included a few photo-journals to get caught up with world news. So I do like the fact that I can kill two birds with one stone and possibly discover a new band while reading the captions. On the flip side of that though (and I guess with my music brokering hat on) there are disconnects with how these songs are working with the images, in some cases having optimistic songs being penned against the brutal images of war, hate and suffering.

Perhaps I shouldn’t think of it as film, perhaps more like listening to my ipod while reading the paper.