NXNE picks

I’ll admit, these picks are from a quick glance at the NXNE schedule. If I had the time, I’d go through the list of bands that I’ve never heard of and take a listen. But, this festival always seems to show me a great band that I’ve never heard of when I end up at the wrong bar (not wrong bar) at the wrong time after a couple.

Btw, Best band name in the festival? The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band & The Spirits. Wow! Imagine having this conversation? “Hey man, did you catch that awesome TGHBGCIMBTS show last night?”

Worst band name in festival? The Worst Pop Band Ever.

Here they are:


Hospital Bombers, Mod Club Theatre, 7 pm. (Also playing Yonge-Dundas Square on Fri. at 8 pm)

Dirt Farmer, The Black Bull, 9 pm.

Cancel Winter, Supermarket, 10 pm.

Sunnylane Records Showcase: Andrew DeVillers starts at 9pm, Donovan Woods at 10pm, Montreal’s Jason Kent at 11, Black Diamond Bay (Krief from The Dears) at midnight.

Now Magazine Showcase: The Coast at 9pm, The Wet Secrets at 10pm, Small Sins at 11pm, and Flash Lightnin’ at 1am.

The Morning Electric at Silver Dollar, 10pm.

The Rural Alberta Advantage at The Boat, 11pm.

Mardeen (11pm) and Two Hours Traffic (Midnight) at The Rivoli.

AMIT at Sneaky Dee’s, 11pm.

Peirson Ross at C’est What, 1am.


Ladyhawk at Yonge and Dundas Square, 6pm.

Shane Murphy Band, Black Bull, 1am.

The Mohawk Lodge, C’est What, midnight.

Still Life Still, Cameron House, 1am.

Company House Showcase, Clinton’s. Rich Aucoin (9pm), The Superfantastics (11pm).

Ruby Coast, Drake Hotel, 9pm.

Gotta wonder who the surprise guest is at 10pm at the Redpipe/DineAlone/Bedlam showcase at The EL Mo??

Songs From A Room, El Mocambo (UP), 9pm.

Lee’s Palace has a great lineup all night, Swervedriver Headlines (1am) with Besnard Lakes on right before them (midnight).

Sirius Export Ready showcase, Reverb. Great Lake Swimmers (10pm), Laura Barrett (11pm), The Meligrove Band (midnight).

Hot Springs at Sneaky Dee’s, 1am.

Jason Bajada at Supermarket, 9pm.


The Vicious Guns, Bovine Sex Club, 9 pm.

The Evelyn Room, Dakota Tavern, 1am.

Redpipe/Musebox showcase, El Mocambo (Down). Paper Lions (8pm), The High Dials (midnight), We Are Wolves (1am), Black Diamond Bay (2am).

Sirius/CBC Radio 3 showcase, Horseshoe Tavern. Rebekah Higgs (9pm), Spiral Beach (10pm), Hey Rosetta! (11pm), Matt Mays & El Torpedo (midnight), The D’Urbervilles (1am), Ladyhawk (2am).

Foxfire at Reverb, 11pm. If you miss them, check them at 3am at Sneaky Dee’s.

Better Reasons Festival. Not part of NXNE, but some solid bands on the bill.

Kelp / Saved by Vinyl / CBC Radio 3 / Exclaim & NXNE co-present the 2nd Annual East Meats West Bar-B-Que.

Friday June 13th
12pm-7pm, Global Village Backpacker’s (460 King St. W, Toronto)

12.30pm Lorrie Matheson
1.05pm The Summerlad
1.40pm Andrew Vincent
2.15pm Andy Swan
2.50pm Junior Pantherz
3.25pm Rhume
4.00pm Ultimate Power Duo
4.35pm The Violet Archers
5.10pm Camp Radio
6.20pm The Blood Lines