Old Love/New Love

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“Old love, it’s been so long why you gotta call and hurt me, hurt me?” Even if you aren’t a ‘gamer’, the anticipation for the Grand Theft Auto V video game (available September 17) is fascinating beyond. According to the soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich, it is set to contain 240 licensed songs, bringing it to a region of around 20 movies worth of score in total.

I’d delve into this video world just for the brand’s foresight, clever extension and intertwining of popular culture. Just days before the release of the game, we are given another big name (Wavves, Flying Lotus, The Creator and more on the bill) – Twin Shadow. “Old Love/New Love” features backing vocals by D’Angelo Lacy and produced by the man himself Twin Shadow and Dennis Herring (The Hives, Elvis Costello & Modest Mouse). It’s really no wonder that this 80’s pop track has heightened the anticipation for the game, quite largely, it’s great…