On My Radar: Active Child, Stars, Foxes in Fiction, Kasabian

active child

Lazy blogger today, again because work is piling up and I was out late last night watching Tapedek play Susan Sarandon in Ping Pong.  Here’s what I found today.

Active Child has announced the release of his debut album You Are All I See on August 23 via Vagrant Records.  Here’s your first listen in “Playing House (ft. How To Dress Well)”.  2011 could be the summer of the falsetto.

Active Child – Playing House (Ft. How To Dress Well) by VagrantRecords

Have you heard the Bedroom Demos yet?  Do so and enter the contest to catch Stars at a secret show.

Foxes in Fiction have put together a great remix of “Her Sinking Sun” by Coma Cinema, head to Altered Zones to grab it.  And while you’re out, head back to Aux.tv to hear a new track from Kasabian called “Switchblade Smiles”.  Interested to know what you think.