On My Radar: Malajube, TV Girl, Verge Music Awards

la caverne

-Watching a few teaser videos for Malajube‘s upcoming release of La Caverne, thats out March 19th.

Nada’s pick in our first battle of East vs West, TV Girl performing “If You Want It” (live), found at Future Sounds.  Diggin this band.

-I was reading about Foster the People on We All Want Someone To Shout For, confirming my theory that they’d be putting out their record with Columbia (Sony)/StarTime Intl.  How did I know?  People don’t generally comment on this site too often, so when three people leave comments for the same band in the same time period, I occasionally take a look at where they are coming from, in this case Sony music employees.  Of course, by mentioning the band again, I’ve triggered a google alert, possibly subjecting this post to another round of “I just bought this EP and its awesome” comments.

The album is called Torches and it’ll be out May 24th.  Tons of dates on the horizon, including SXSW, a Toronto show in April and festivals all through the summer.

-IFC has some good advice to making good use of your time at SXSW with their SXSW 2011: South by South Best video.  Wish they could have had an appearance by Clell Tickle though.  

The XM Radio’s Verge Music Awards took place last night.  Zeus took home album of the year with Say Us, Michou took home best artist and Hannah Georgas took home Emerging Artist Of The Year.

Listening to a few songs from Calgary’s Samantha Savage Smith.  Tiana from Ride The Tempo picks her for Canadian Music Week in a post on Tsururadio.com as part of the new Paper Crane Collective of bloggers.

-IMF fave Hungry Kids Of Hungary are hitting Toronto next week for two shows before making the trip to Austin.  Check their shows for details.

Really enjoyed this short film.