Out Of Town / LUM


I received an e-mail from a Toronto based non-profit collective called Studio Feed, who’s mandate is to support local, independent music by visualizing local Artists, Record Shops, Venues, through short, 3-6 minute documentaries.  The first of these I watched was about Indie Electronic artist LUM, aka Liam Sanagan, and how he has isolated himself from city life in order to focus on his art, in a cottage on lake Huron.  Hoping to use the solitude of rural life in order to push the boundaries of his creative process without outside distraction, I’m now excited to see what comes out of it.

Out of Town: Liam Sanagan aka LUM from StudioFeed on Vimeo.

Wanting to dive further into his tunes, I found a couple posts on they hypemachine, the latest linking to the single “Halfway In” (listen to it along with its acoustic version below).

I’m a fan.