LISTEN: “Comfort’s A Killer” by PAPA

This summer jam, all day long.  Here’s “Comfort’s A Killer” by PAPA, from their upcoming Hit City U.S.A. release Kick at the Dust.  

Singer and drummer Darren Weiss says of the song:

Seems to me that if you work hard enough for security and comfort in this live, you might get it. But after you do, you’ll probably look around, cross eyed with boredom and say, ‘What for?’ When a shark stops swimming forward it’s dead. Same goes for artists. And I ain’t no shark, man.

PAPA‘s new album Kick at the Dust is an affront to the burden of modern “culture” and an assertion of personal identity, defined through independent thought rather than a “lifestyle” that’s been packaged and sold.  Look for the album out Sept. 16, 2016, on Hit City U.S.A.