Permanent Record by The Golden Dogs

the golden dogs

Who: The Golden Dogs from Toronto.

What: After touring hard on their last record Big Eye Little Eye and sharing the stage with the likes of Feist and Sloan in the UK, Germany and North America, The Golden Dogs didn’t see what challenges they’d be facing with the future of the band. The band were released from the record deal and had to deal with their long time bass player Stew Heyduk leaving. Not really looking forward to jumping back into the studio, the band started hanging out with Zeus (good friends Carlin Nicholson & Mike OBrien) and began writing and recording, swapping production ideas and tips, while sketching out what was to become of Coat Of Arms, the bands upcoming full-length. Making use of a very comfortable environment to make music, it was a great time to forget about being in a band, and to just get back to playing music for its own sake.

Nevado will be putting out the album (July 27th), and kudos to them. Having already put out records for Yukon Blonde and Bahamas (who plays on Coat Of Arms), I think The Golden Dogs have found a great new home.

Song: Permanent Record. Reminds me of New Pornographers.