LISTEN: “Everything Beta” by Phoria

I can’t get enough of Phoria these days, as I keep hearing new songs off their upcoming release of Volition (out June 3rd on X Novo Records). Over the last few months, I’ve posted about “Saving Us A Riot” and “Evolve”, while today I’m listening to the brand new “Everything Beta”.

I was thinking today of what it was specifically about this band that has always hooked me. So many of their songs feature an interesting blend of traditional and electronic instrumentation, variance between the ambient/mellow and the lush/full, and typically giant swells or walls of sound where all of the parts of the song come together. It also could be the music licensor/publisher/wanna-be-music supervisor side of me that hears songs like this and immediate see picture of what belongs with it.

If I ever get a gig doing that one day, I promise I’ll find some way to do something awesome with this bands’ music.

Get lost in “Everything Beta”.