LISTEN: “Saving Us A Riot” by Phoria

Taking a moment, closing my eyes and falling into “Saving Us A Riot”. This is the latest tune from Brighton band Phoria, off their debut album Volition (to be released June 3rd via X Novo).

When you try to understand your world in it’s universal context, of course you only get so far. The further I get, the heavier my intrigue lands on the people within it. Obscure, wonderful, terrifying, enticing, exquisite and endless in their complexity. “Volition” is an ode to this fascination. To whatever force it is that drives us forward and wherever it might lead.” – Phoria

London people, go see the band next week on Feb 24th at the Pickle Factory.

Volition – 3rd June 2016

1. Melatonin
2. Red
3. Everything Beta
4. Mass
5. By The Salt
6. Loss
7. Evolve
8. Undone
9. Emanate
10. Saving Us A Riot
11. Yourself Still