Pick A Piper

Before you go all wild on the stream button, let me just enlighten you first. This album (as of Nov 4) is now available to buy right here. I suggest your nimble fingers get to work spending your hard earned cash, because it’s the pick of this week’s crop.

Pick a Piper is the collaborative project of Caribou’s drummer Brad Weber, Angus Fraser, Clint Scrivener and Dan Robert. In an effort to push collaboration over it’s own edge, Brad enlisted a few of his friends to hop on board as guest singers, and did so completely organically. Born Ruffians’ Andy Lloyd and members from Caribou, Ruby Suns and Enon are but a few you’ll have the pleasure of listening to.

It’s polyrhythmic organic electro-dance pop, so if you’re one to drift off whilst you listen to music – this is your soundtrack. Their self-titled album is most absolutely, one of 2013’s most unexpected discoveries.

How fitting that he’s being dubbed the ‘Pied Piper of Canada’. I’ll follow him pretty dang’ much anywhere if he carries on playing these tunes.