Post Records

This has to be a record for me….. Earliest post on a Saturday morning. If I didn’t have to go out Christmas shopping, I would still be hiding in a fort made out of pillows and comforters nursing the brain squeezing annoyance that is my hangover. Thanks Outside music for the open bar.

Got a package from Jeff at Post*Records the other day. A label from Orlando, FL, home to such bands as Dodger, The Heathens, and Mumpsy. While listening to Ole (The label’s first sampler), I heard a little bit of everything. Kind of makes it hard to listen to compilations all the way through without breaks; absence of flow.

These were the ones that hit just right.
Visibility Anxiety by Sean Moore. I think this guy plays in every band on the?label.????

The Lives They Behave by The Ocean Floor.

Up In The Trees by Mumpsy. Catchy folk meets 60s pop.