Press For Prints: Crosshair


I got a text last week from my friend Avi, asking me if I wanted him to pick me up anything at the Flatstock exhibition at SXSW.  Without being able to peruse the aisles of the best gig poster designers myself, I had to hold off putting in an order.  I was reminded by a company that I’d always keep my eye on, when I was down at SXSW.  That was Crosshair Design, a company run by Dan MacAdam in Chicago.

Dan’s printing and design operation takes a very interesting approach to gig posters, overlaying a vintage look to band/venue/show details on top of images of old and sometimes dilapidated buildings, bridges, boats, etc.  It really gives the viewer the impression that some of these shows have been advertised for decades.  Really striking work, check out some of his work.

crosshair design