Royal Blood are bloody royal.

Royal Blood are storming the UK. They are Michael Kerr and Ben Thatcher, a couple of friends from Brighton, but I confess that for a few months I thought they were a 3 or 4-piece band – that’s how powerful their sound is. But they’re not; they’re only two. It’s only bass, drums and vocals, and it’s absolutely genius. They are also in their early twenties and have released their first album in 2014, although the quality of their music would suggest that these are seasoned artists. Plus, at the BRIT Awards, just last month, they won the Best British Group Award – and that was against heavyweight nominees such as alt-J and Clean Bandit.

The video for ‘Out Of The Black’ is also absolutely brilliant: a violent, rock-induced, cartoon-filled action sequence which perfectly matches the song’s feeling and lyrics (‘I’ve got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it /But a trigger for a heart bleeding blood from an empty pocket’).

Awards, dates, facts… none of that matters as much as the fact that their self-titled debut album only has 10 tracks, and each one of them is a standalone manifestation of pure rock’n’roll brilliance. Royal Blood are bloody royal and I bet they’re here to stay.