Saint Pepsi – “Baby”

Saint Pepsi‘s meteoric rise has been as pleasurable as it has been quick. Producer Ryan DeRobertis has a fearless approach of creating fun, ambient space pop from chopping up and reimagining a wide variety of both popular and palpable songs, including the Biebs himself.

With “Baby“, DeRobertis transforms K-Pop stalwarts 4Men’s “Baby Baby” into an atmospheric journey through trickling pianos and swelling synth. The track bubbles over into bolder vocal sampling and more definable melodies at its end, but then falls back down to earth in the waning seconds.

It’s a dazzling piece of electronic R&B that continues to flash his affinity for pop culture seen in previous tracks.  Saint Pepsi releases his upcoming full-length, Gin City, next week through his Bandcamp page.