Shut the box

Its all the rage up here at my cottage. And a pretty fun game to go along with afternoon Caesars, walking the dog, quick trips to Fenelon Falls and a roaring fire in the fireplace.

I’m checking back in here, but I wouldn’t consider myself back into blogging swing of things. Think I’ll leave the mobile site until the new year with a couple updates here and there on the main site. Sound good? I know at this point you’re itching to get away from the family, but hang in there. See you in 2009.

Meanwhile, if you get a chance, here’s what I really loved listening to today.

My Moon My Man by Feist (Grizzly Bear remix). From You Ain’t No Picasso, its a song off Feist‘s deluxe reissue of The Reminder.

Lykke Li doing a cover of Kings Of Leon with Knocked Up from My Old Kentucky Blog.