SIRIUS: Face The Music [Leaderboard Update]

SIRIUS Face The Music

Its been a week since we announced the SIRIUS Radio Face The Music Contest, where contestants can use their serious music trivia knowledge for a chance to win an intimate concert in their city.  Which ever city ends up with the highest score will host one of these “big-band-in-a-small-venue” shows and by checking the leaderboard, Hilton Beach, Ontario has amassed a near 1000 point lead over Sault Ste. Marie with 281,507.  Ancaster, Pertrolia and Corruna round out the top 5 in the standings, all over 250,000 points.  Take a look.

face the music leaderboard

Not only am I learning a little bit about Ontario geography, I’m watching my own city (Toronto) drop, currently about 7000 points behind first place (dropping from 30th to 35th place as I wrote this post).  From a couple times through the game myself, I never was able to crack the 25,000 mark, which is directly related to my non-knowledge of anything 80s.  Perhaps thats a city-wide issue?

If you haven’t tried the game yet, go there now and represent your hometown!