VIDEO: “Between Leos” by Small Black

Small Black has released a new video for “Between Leos,” a track taken from the Brooklyn four piece’s third LP, Best Blues (Jagjaguwar). Directed by Jeremy S. Collins, who’s previously been responsible for music videos for Surfer Blood and Tan Vampires, “Between Leos” attempts the task of translating Small Black’s breezy jangle into visuals – literally.

After listening to the song over and over, I became focused on all the different elements and sounds on the track and how together, they created such a full sound,” Collins says. “I wanted to do the opposite and separate each piece and give them their own lives – which is where the Foley artist idea came into mind.”

Following two Foley artists as they soundtrack a film in the studio, as well as the explosive personal turmoil by one of the sound engineers, the visual accompaniment for “Between Leos” builds a story within a story, the same layered complexity of Small Black’s sound manifesting in the video’s narratives.”

“Additionally, since the song builds as it goes, both musically & emotionally, I wanted the video to as well,” Collins continues. “Creating the engineers’ storylines, and also going into the film being worked on was a way to do this, and give some reference to the process itself.”