Song Tapper

I came across this site a couple weeks back and I’ve been testing it every once in a while to see if it actually works. Its a site called Song Tapper. Developed by a bunch of people from Simon Fraser University, it’s an interesting website which “lets you search for a song, by tapping the rhythm of its words (lyrics)”.

Why don’t we give it a shot? Okay, I’m feeling kind of classic today. I’m going to try ‘More Than A Feeling‘ (wow, who created that page!) by Boston. Oh, and you better believe that I’m belting this one out while tapping.

Here’s what the computer thought it might be: Enter Sandman by Metallica, S.O.S by Abba, Mr. Brightside by The Killers, and Time is Running Out by Muse to name a few. Way off and all over the map..

I’m going to try this again. Maybe I’ll try and tap in Rebellion (Lies) by The Arcade Fire.

Here’s what it said: Afternoon Delight by Gordon Lightfoot, Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones, Blackbird by The Beatles, or The Llama Song by ????.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong.