SPEAK Stay Shiny with “Gates”

I’ve been keeping tabs on Austin outfit SPEAK for a little over a year now hoping to hear about a new album. After sporadically releasing a few tracks over the past few months, their new LP Pedals has been given a June 24 release date, and to hold us over until then, they’ve shared a new track in “Gates“.

Keeping some of the new shine they flashed with “Be Reasonable, Diane“, “Gates” is restrained by comparison to some of the past songs, but in not being as busy, it successfully draws focus to the rhythm and some of the best lyrical work we’ve heard from them. The song is several years in the works, and though it clocks in at just under four minutes, the ending comes at a bit of a surprise. It certainly makes me ready for this new album!

“Gates” is currently available for preorder.