Still Parade – “Actors” (new single and video)

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A fascinating magnetism is surrounding the band Still Parade at the moment. In a time so dependant on and obsessed with defining a creative-identity to ensure you’re the “red” in a sea of black and white – it’s refreshing that their music is the only thing we know about them. Following along the same grain, “Actors” allows you to momentary unplug and take a much-needed pause from your day, letting the soothing vocals and electro infused folk sounds speak loudly for them. It grabs your hand, pulls you in and makes you listen undistracted.

The video premiered at Earmilk and shows Simon Bitterli’s transitioning images of the causal relationship between colourful liquids sliding into water and how as each drop fades and spirals into one another the subtle simple beauty is quite literally and emotionally, moving. Stream the song and watch the video below.

Free download here.