Stream Austin Basham’s “Linton / Oslo” EP

If you’ve checked in here from time to time, you’ll know I’ve become a bit of an Austin Basham fan.  I’ve covered all of his songs, “Running“, “All Is Well” and “See You Soon“, as they popped up online one-by-one.  Back in February, I even gave him the keys to the blog, Basham giving us a great tour diary and playlist to go along with it.  Today, as we head into what promises to be a wonderful weekend, I’m stoked to give you a stream of his Linton / Oslo EP, set to be released on May 4th.  Recorded in Oslo Norway with Canadian producer Digory Smallz, with some great artwork from Johanna Wernerheim, the EP includes two new songs (“Find A Way”, “On The Hunt”) along with those three beauties above.

This weekend, plop yourself down in some rays of sunshine, put this EP on and you can thank me on Monday.