VIDEO: “Open Your Eyes” by STRFKR

STRFKR’s new video for “Open Your Eyes” – out now – tells the story of a brave human who faces two aliens planning to invade Earth. In an effort to save his planet, he challenges the visitors to a scooter drag race, bottle shooting, a hot dog eating contest, a game of blackjack, and a good-ole-fashioned moonshine drink-off. While the extraterrestrial beings exhibit precision shooting and highly advanced math skills, the lightweights are no match for the hero’s expert scooting, eating, and drinking.

STRFKR’s Joshua Hodges says, “This video feels great to us. Everything was shot at our house in the desert and two of our neighbors’ houses. The view including the spaceship and the mountains is from our front yard and what our music room looks out at. Most of ‘Being No One, Going Nowhere’ was recorded there and we practice there, too. It’s a very special place to us. Those scooters are also the ones we ride every day when we’re in LA!!”

Directors, Aidan Brezonick and Chris Birkmeier add, “The concept came pretty naturally. We watch way too many movies and bits and pieces from so many flicks come tumbling out when you hear a certain type of song. The video ends up writing itself. We’ve got a goofy sense of humor and these characters are combinations of the regionalism that the Coen Brothers use so well and the campy spectacle of Star Trek and early sci-fi. Besides, who doesn’t want to see an Alien on a moped?”

“Open Your Eyes” will be featured on the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Being No One, Going Nowhere’ due out November 4th on Polyvinyl Records (Deerhoof, Beach Slang, American Football). The track follows previously released additional new cuts expected on the upcoming album, “Never Ever” and “Tape Machine”.