Submissions So Far (#whiskyrocks)

I did another post today for Aux’s Whisky Rocks competition, taking my first look at the submissions.

from aux

Let’s call it a quick pass.

I took the opportunity today to peruse through the Whisky Rocks submissions, which number well over 100 submissions this year.  What we’ve got is a mixed bag of the talented and not-so-talented, the creative and of course, the just plain weird.  Artists performing in bathrooms (more than one, yes), live at concerts or from their laptops.  A mix of genres and styles, all worth a look.  So what stood out for me so far?

No No’s

Over the years looking at Whisky Rocks submissions, I’ve been keeping a tab of the ever growing list of things artists shouldn’t do in their submission video.  This year, because of LEFT IN LINE, I’m adding ”don’t chew gum” to the list.  Its hard to see, but does he spit it out on to the mic stand?  One might never know.

Like previous years, there’s still a few entries who failed to tune their instruments before hitting the record button.  Even though there might be a good song there, it really hurts your chances of someone making it all the way through the video.  Also, there were a ton of artists that submitted videos where the audio was recorded live.  My personal preference is for audio from the studio, that way you don’t start off the video with crowd noise, kids talking in the background or feedback.

Favourite Entries

I’m glad I don’t have to narrow it down to just one, as really this was my first taste of the submissions and I’d like to go through a few more times.  Of the videos featuring a live recording, I enjoyed the stripped down piano duet by Elida, plus what looks to be Ivory Hours‘s Home Depot (i think) performance.  Nice songs, I’ll definitely be coming back to hear them again.

I also liked the Dinosaur Jr. sound to Sons Of Revelry, the Lumineers-ish feel to Sea Perry‘s submission and Blackdog Ballroom‘s submission which reminded me of Bowie.  Finally, Brothers of North put their best foot forward with their entry.  I know I’m a sucker for pop (possibly also lyric videos) but of all the submissions I took a listen to, these guys had me remembering their chorus.

Have you had a chance to watch the submissions?  Head to the gallery to take a look.  Also, go vote!  Voting closes Oct. 30th.