If You Suffer From Bad Luck, You Might Find These Words Comforting (Keep Shelly In Athens Takeover)

To start off, I find it really important to define what we are talking about.  You can google “bad luck”, but the results you get only talk about luck in general.

“Please, everyone, all luck (whether good or bad) stick here under the broad definition of luck.  Thank you.”


“Luck or chance is an event which occurs beyond one’s control, without regard to one’s will, intention, or desired result. ” (source)

Right on, folks. Hard to get on with this definition.

Let’s say that recently, I hit my low point.  My closest ones still worry about me.  If they do not hear from Sarah for more than two hours, they have to give me a ring, to see if I am doing okay.  It is all under the quite reasonable statement “Well, you know, dear, you have been through many “adventures” lately…”.  There it is, where they are trying to be sweet.

I do not blame them.  When you get smashed by a tree, while sitting on a bench, during a lovely and calm afternoon in June at the National Garden.  When you get randomly and publicly beaten by complete strangers… twice.  When you wake up by a burglar turning on the tap of your sink (by accident thankfully, NOT to have some water).

Well, I think you got my point, I do not need to keep on going with those stories, do I?

Not to forget to mention though, that all these unfortunate events appear to happen on a monthly basis.  Or they used to.  Or you never know, ok?  Another thing that is also notable, is that after it all, after any of those “happenings”, I found myself nervously laughing and not being able to stop.  Completely shocked, but laughing, doesn’t let people around you understand what is really happening (take this as a tiny little handy tip).

Anyway. Luck.

At first, you wonder “why me?”.  And it is absolutely normal.  In all honesty, I still find myself wondering about this.  A super superstitious person like me, who is always looking for signs and hints from serendipity, can easily freak out.  But you shall get over it!  It happened!  There is nothing you can do now.  It surprised you, in a bad way, but you got through it.  That must mean something, too.

You can surely, wander around your malchance, for a while.  Feel free to do that.  It is probably what you need the most.  You, certainly, need some pampering!

“What if there was no one sitting next to me on that bench, to save my poor head?  What if I got beaten worse?  What if I hadn’t noticed someone breaking into my place, or wasn’t able to make him leave?”

At some point, you move forward.  Happy voices in your head announce that you’ve entered the “survivor” phase.  Or the “warrior” one, call it as you please.

You’ve been called to fight your worst fears.  Luck, god, chance; however you decide to name it, it’s got you in its game.  A challenging mind game.  Okay.  Do not just sit back and wait for the next blow of fate.  Don’t be a modest, shy mouse anymore!  Fight back!  Prep!  Get yourself sorted out!  It is not as hard as it sounds!

It only has to do with the way you decide to view things.  It is up to you to be either the poor thing, or the one who is standing on his own feet, tall and proud.  Maybe with some scars and wounds, but it is all fine.  At least they are yours.

Embrace yourself, do not judge him (at least, not a lot).  Superstitious Sarah would say that maybe it is about time to make some changes.  Do you believe that we get what we ask for?  This is a true question of mine.  If you know, enlighten me.  You think that we are responsible for what is happening to us?  Do we cry it out, somehow?  The life path we choose, and so on?

All in all, and whatever the truth is, it cannot always be bright colours and butterflies.  After all, we are the only capable to define the days of ours, to take the directions that make us happy.  Of course, we need to compromise with things that are not exactly pleasant.  But again, it has to do with our own conception of life, of daily strife, of the routine. Am I right?

When you groan and being grumpy the whole day, about all those things you know already that the get on your nerves, it is not a good thing!  Do something, go for it, change it!  Most of the times you can make it better; when you cannot, you just take it as it is.  You accept it.

Just talking about attacking nature, accidents and randomness, and jinx, it got me nowhere.

What I found out?

Luck cannot really affect you if you do not let it to do so.  Or better… the idea of luck.  Do not let her mess with your mind.  It is a total waste of time!  It is all up to you!  Be well, be happy and I ensure that everything falls in its right place either in a scientific, or in a magical way!

Have a lovely day!


This post was written by Sarah P of Keep Shelly In Athens, as part of their Takeover of Indie Music Filter. Find the duo online or Sarah on twitter.