Green Laser in Toronto

Did anyone see that laser last night???

While on a rooftop patio celebrating another wednesday at Beer Club, a couple of us glanced upwards to see a very prominent green laser shooting across the sky, starting from somewhere north of the city (Maybe York University?) and ending on the large bulb party of the CN Tower.

And it was moving around on the tower.

It was there for around 10-20 minutes, and it actually looked like it was curved/concave from our rooftop view into the sky. Could it be some kid with this?

I want to know why….
Here’s a song to listen to while pondering. Its called Sea Song by a band named inUniform. The music on their myspace page was recorded by vocalist/guitarist Dan Gorman and Michael Chambers previously, but the band is currently a four-piece.

The song sounds really soothing to me, love how the two vocal lines overlap near the end.

inUniform’s next show is a the Drake Hotel, Aug. 10th.