Best of 2010: Lists

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One new thing I’ve started doing this year is collecting links for “Best of 2010” lists, from the blogs that I follow. Or course, Largehearted Boy does the best job at this, but these are the ones that showed up in my daily feeds (in no particular order). Enjoy.

Cause=Times (best albums)

Gorilla vs. Bear (best albums) (best songs)

Their Bated Breath (best albums) (best eps)

NPR (best music)

Skatterbrain (best albums)

Tsururadio (best albums)

We Listen For You (best songs) (best opening tracks) (best albums)

Largehearted boy (best albums)

You Ain’t No Picasso (best albums) (favorite songs)

Chromewaves (Best Albums)

Dailybeatz (best albums) (best remixes) (top albums mixtape)

Stereogum (best albums)

Spin (best albums)

BBC (the sound of 2011)

Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)

Pasta Primavera (best albums) (best songs)

Quick Before It Melts (best albums)

Rawkblog (best eps and singles) (best songs)

The Recommender (best albums) (best songs)

Said The Gramophone (best songs)

Friends With Both Arms (best new artists)

Nialler9 (best remixes) (best albums)

The OCDM (best albums)

Cover Me (best cover albums) (best cover songs) (best cover videos)

Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (top 50 songs) (best albums)

Sunset In The Rearview (top 20 albums)

Rollo & Grady (artists driven best of list) (best songs)

My Old Kentucky Blog (Dodge) Best Albums of 2010

Singing Lamb (best albums)

We All Want Someone To Shout For (Best albums) (best songs)

Tympanogram (best of 2010)

Rock Insider (best albums)

Roundletters (best albums)

Neon Gold (best singles) (best videos)

MFR (fave albums) (fave songs)