Sync/Master: ‘Day Glo’ by Brazos

Day Glo by Brazos.

Indie Music Filter: Hey Tony, what do you think of ‘Day Glo‘ by Austin’s Brazos?

Tony VonPervieux: Dude, really cool song. I dig the vibe especially. Feels like a nice montage moment song. It’s like a beautiful slow moving train with the windows open to a world of amazing scenery, lush vivid landscapes. Makes me feel good.

IMF: I dig it as well. Something about their sound that reminds me of Midlake, Grizzly Bear or even Andrew Bird. Songs like Day Glo, is this type of music pretty easy to license in your world?

TVP: Totally. Reminds me a lot of Grizzly Bear as well. I believe Day Glo could be a very good placement for either film or tv. I think we have a bunch of shows that Day Glo would fit nicely in. What works for this song in tv/film is the feel; it just feels good and the vocal is really warm. The energy picks up a little bit in the song as more instrumentation is introduced and that could work well for longer scenes. I feel the tempo is in a happy place. The lyric could work as well but it definitely pertains to the scene in question.

IMF: Wonder if this songs has made it onto the screen yet? If not, probably only a matter of time.

Tony VonPervieux is a Creative Director for ABC-TV Studios in Los Angeles. Tony works with a dozen music supervisors and is involved with 18 TV shows on his roster ( including Cougar Town, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Criminal Minds, Army Wives, Lost, Happy Town and Desperate Housewives).

Brazos hail from Austin and are set to release Phosphorescent Blues on Autobus Records next week. Catch them quick on the road with White Denim.

11/17 – The Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
11/18 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
11/19 – The Social – Orlando, FL
11/20 – Cafe Eleven – St Augustine, FL
11/22 – One Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA