SXSW ’08: Wednesday

I started this day working for some good friends, helping set up the outdoor party for the Canadian Blast. I mounted a left arrow on a fence and hung flags. Pretty easy work to do in the sun. It was a solid lineup that day at the Brush Square. The United Steel Workers of Montreal opened (and if you check the flyer, it looks like two bands had the opening slot, The United Steel Workers and Of Montreal). Next up was The Pack AD, Mints’ newest band. I’d agree with Andrew from Red Cat Records by saying

Awwwwwooooogggaaaaararoraroarrrrrrr. Janis Joplin, meet the White Stripes. Now, go and drink a bucket of bourbon and hang out on a Civil War battleground.”

City and Colour were next. Was nice to see Dallas play in a venue that wasn’t full of screaming girls. Hot Springs were 3rd last. I’ve gotta say, since seeing them at NXNE last year, they’ve really improved. Previously I was blah about the band, now I’m diggin their songs and developing a crush on any lead singer that rocks like she does.

Here’s their video for Headrush. Here’s the mp3.


The 2nd last band was Dragonette. Up until that point, no other band had my attention like they did. I don’t think I ever looked away. Definitely for fans of Metric, featuring Dan from The New Deal. Check out I Get Around on their myspace page, here’s the Van She Vocal Remix.

Then, to upstage their act, we had a slew of Canadian DJs/producers/MCs take the stage and precede to blow it up. Ghislain Poirier, Cadence Weapon, Megasoid (Hadji from Wolf Parade and Sixtoo), Skratch Bastid and Grand Analog.


I can’t remember what I did for dinner. Pretty sure I was drunk by this point…..

Later on,

I caught the last song of The Delta Spirit‘s set, People, Turn Around. Get it at I Guess I’m Floating. I was singing, felt like part of the choir. From there, we headed to Buffalo Billiards to get in for The Ting Tings, one of the most buzzed about bands down in Austin. Again, like previously noted, they were great. Someone book these two on some Canadian dates.

Here’s the video for Great DJ.


After that was Walter Meego, about 13 secounds of Cut Copy, and whatever I could take of The Tough Alliance.

Went home tired, sun-burnt, drunk. Went to bed spinning. Got a couple winks and got ready to do it all again.