Guest Playlist: LANKS

wanted to write my ‘9 favourite feels songs’ but then the list became enormous and I couldn’t settle on which ones, so here are ‘9 excellent feels songs’ for your listening pleasure. I tried to give a bit of a taste of a few different things and also showcase some upcoming Aus talent that I really believe in. Enjoy!” – LANKS

9 Excellent ‘Feels’ Songs
1. Mahalia Jackson singing “Come Sunday”
2. Bob Dylan – “Don’t think twice it’s alright”
3. Gang of Youths – “Magnolia”
4. #1 Dads – “Nominal”
5. Canary – “Be Yourself”
6. Airling – “Wasted Pilots”
7. The Middle East – “Blood”
8. Nirvana – “All Apologies”
9. Frank Ocean – “Bad Religion”

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