Now It’s Overhead

…said the accountant.

I got an e-mail recently from the Musebox, one of the dominant hype machines who enjoyed e-hitting me up twice everytime they’ve got some music to share. I liked what I heard from the last one.

The band is Now It’s Overhead from Athens, GA. A couple things. Think dark layers and moods, lots of guitars. Created by Andy LeMaster, recording engineer (Saddle Creek, Bright Eyes) and multi-instrumentalist. Impressive credits for this guy.? He’s worked with a list that includes REM, Drive-By Truckers and some dude name Chris Martin (I’ll have to look that one up….).

I’m a big fan of the track ‘Let Up‘. You can stream the whole record here as well.

One thing I’m not a fan of is creating more unnecessary space on myspace (maybe that’s what it is for). Check out thier site, and their ‘top 8’. Eight fictional accounts set up to create a larger picture. I wonder if Tom knows about this….

Now It's Overhead