Canadian Music Week 2007: part 1

Last year the guy that put my Canadian Music Week wristband on, put it on way too tight. My hand was slightly and noticably darker at the end of the weekend. This year, the only dammage I plan on doing to my body is a good ol’ fashioned workout for Jeff, my liver.

Let’s start with Wednesday… Not many options, but the majority will be attending Indie Awards at the Docks. If you don’t mind seeing only 1 or 2 songs each from a bunch of bands, then this is your ticket. Champion, Priestess and Cadence Weapon make this bill interesting… Wolfmother will be there to play before being wisked off to the Kool Haus to play their sold out show. my bad, apparently Wolfmother played last night and destroyed $15,000 worth of equipment while smashing instruments on stage.
No Heaven (video) by DJ Champion

Before I make it there, stopping in on ‘SPOT on Denmark’ at the Trump Tower. Keep your ears peeled for the Danes (Moi Caprice, Funky Nashville, Powersolo, Vincent Van Go Go, and The Kissaway Trail) around Toronto this week.