Day Three Of The Hiccups

They started on Tuesday afternoon and haven’t really stopped yet. This happened last summer to me as well, lasted four days that time. Hope it doesn’t last this long.

I wouldn’t wish my enemies more than a days worth of them. Annoying, distracting, embarassing and eventually painful.

Anyone got a solution? I’ve tried the peanut butter trick, drinking from the other side of the glass and a handful of breathing (or lack of breathing) techniques.

Luckily, they don’t really affect my ability to type here, so here’s what I’m diggin:

The Rakes are releasing their third album next week called Klang and hitting the road starting on Halloween in LA. For fans of a British blend of garage-rock guitars and wailing vocals, try out ‘That’s The Reason‘. Look for them in Toronto at the Mod Club on Nov. 9th with DFA’s Free Energy.

Not to be confused with the Rakes (or the Brakes for that matter), we have The Blakes and their new long awaited followup to The Streets EP called Souvenir, streaming online at AOL’s Spinner. They are also on the road. Look out for an upcoming session with KEXP in the works as well. And for the lucky that are in NY for CMJ, they’ll be there. Add them to your schedule.

Headlights have a new video, currently playing at Spin Earth. Its called ‘Get Going’ and that’s what I’m just about to do. Like the above, tour on the go. Check here for dates with The Shaky Hands, Pomegranates and Anni Rossi.