NXNE 2006 picks

Here’s my pics of what I thought looked interesting. Visit NXNE for more details.


Thursday Night

Born Ruffians.The Boat.9pm

Land Of Talk.The Boat.10pm

Code Pie.Holy Joe’s.10pm

The Ride Theory.Silver Dollar.9pm

Leaders And Dreamers.Holy Joe’s.11pm

inUniform.Rancho Relaxo.11pm

Barzin.Sneaky Dee’s. 10ish?

Inward Eye.Rivoli.12am

Fjord Rowboat.Crowbar.1am

Friday Night

From Fiction.Silver Dollar.9pm

Royal Wood.The Art Bar.10pm

Kobayashi.Gypsy Co-op.10pm

Femme Generation.Reverb.11pm

Castle Project.Clinton’s.12am

White Cowbell Oklahoma.Horseshoe Tavern.12am

Hilotrons.Silver Dollar.12am

The Mohawk Lodge.Clinton’s.1am

The Coast.El Mocambo.1am

How I Won The War.Rancho Relaxo.1am

Saturday Night

Paper Moon.Healey’s.9pm

Sylvie.Horseshoe Tavern.9pm

Twilight Hotel.Fox & Fiddle.10pm

JF Robitalle.The Art Bar.12am

Jimmy Swift.Lee’s Palace.12am

Faces On Film.Healey’s.1am

Aberdeen City.Lee’s Palace.1am

Happy Concert going!!