CMW recap, Thursday night

Last night was a good night for shows. Started at CBC’s Glenn Gould Theatre for Emma-Lee‘s opening spot for The Trews. Perfect room for her. Smooth, sweet and witty, she dazzled the crowd with songs off ‘Never Just A Dream‘. The highlight for me was her great cover of Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night.

Dekel and I took off for Sloan at The Mod Club. Apparently, they were taping the show as a live album, songs from every part of thier career. Format was weird, it was set up like a radio show (MRCH 104?). Every few songs, a voice would come on the speaker with faux-ads. Wondering what that will look/sound like when they put it out. Anyway, enjoyable dose of nostalgia at that one.

Next was The Week That Was at the Gladstone. This is the project of Field Music‘s Peter Brewis, whose songs I’ve been loving online lately. But the live show? I’m not sure if it translated to the crowd that was there to see them. Maybe a little too prog, left me searching for the hooks. Like in Learn To Learn, video below.

We ended the night at the Horseshoe Tavern, which didn’t have a lineup when we got there. Saw the last song from Chad Van Gaalen‘s set and a whole set from Quest For Fire. And a lot of booze. Good times had by all.

On the topic of Canadian Music Week, head to AOL Canada’s coverage, this great column called Northern Exposure. Great previews and downlaods from the best bets of the festival. Check it out.