Take a “Swim” with Brighton’s Fickle Friends

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North America is still fighting through a hangover from an epic cold snap.  In a delightful turn, relief has arrived from Brighton-newcomers Fickle Friends. There is such a thing as it being too early to create your summer playlists, but “Swim” sure does make me think about it.

Vocalist Natassja Shine makes herself the focal point in this unapologetically sunny and carefree tune; she comfortably rolls her words over such tight guitar rhythms and synth splashes.  The whole outfit seems at ease in creating a tableau of glistening color and sun-drunk romance.

Their mesh of Duran Duran-esque rhythms with early nineties R&B flair can be the cure to your seasonal sadness or a celebration of brighter days to come.  Dive in; the water’s fine.