The Darcys

If you don’t follow Arts & Crafts on Soundcloud, how do you even get through that cuppa every morning? The media and artist services company boasts artists like Bloc Party, Timber Timbre, Broken Social Scene and one of my latest obsesso’s Still Life Still too. So you just know their latest release is going to be GREAT. With just a taster of two songs from their upcoming album Warring – let’s say hi to The Darcys shall we?

The Single “Muzzle Blast” from the first drum beat, woke me up from what seemed to be a new-music-thump. It’s refreshingly soft and mesmerizing and within seconds you can feel what their sound is going to be, and do to you. This song writing is structurally strong and the voice and ‘togetherness’ speak just as loudly.  “The River”, an even better display of solid songwriting, has a beat that permeates and prods momentarily, yet lies parallel and complimentary to the vocals. They excite me!

Stream below and look out for Warring on the September 17th…