The Golden Age Is Over.

You could listen to Woodkid‘s album “The Golden Age” without watching any videos and still find it absolutely overwhelming and brilliant.  But that wouldn’t be the complete experience.  Yoann Lemoine is a talented video director and, from inception, his intention with that incredible album seemed to involve a complex multisensory experience.  “The Golden Age” is the purest form of storytelling: it is visual and audible poetry.

But alas, every story comes to an end.  The last breath of  “The Golden Age” is a disconcerting 11 minute video that finally makes all the pieces of the puzzle come together.  It is dramatic in its mundane subject and deeply touching in its rawness and honesty.  After the first play I knew one thing for sure: Woodkid belongs in big screens, with live orchestras, telling stories.  And I am really looking forward to hearing and seeing and feeling the next one.