The stuff on my desk: Dan Black, Air, Arkells and Japandroids

Huge monkey off my back. I finally found an apartment to move to next month. I did enjoy the excitement of seeing each place, but I kept wondering if I’d ever find a spot. Now I’m wondering if anyone’s got any good ‘moving’ songs? I’ll probably need a good record for painting walls.

Here’s a couple of things.

-Found this post on ‘What’s Wrong With The Mainstream‘ about the origin of the song ‘Symphonies’ by Dan Black. An earlier version (in this post) of the song contained Notorious B.I.G.’s lyrics for HYPNTZ, with the same backing beat borrowed from ‘Umbrella’. I guess the label couldn’t get permission for the lyrics to make it into the song, so Dan had to write the current lyrics. I’m on the fence between the two versions. Both solid and great to throw on at the party.

-the new Air song (‘Do The Joy’)? I keep trying to get into it. I’ll keep trying.

-Bookies Big Blast is next friday at Sound Academy featuring Arkells with Still Life Still and The Ruby Coast. Get on the guestlist here.

-Warming up to Japandroids (am I the last one?). Check out Young Hearts Spark Fire.

by Leigh Righton
by Leigh Righton