The Witnessing

There’s always so much effort put into making a music project come to live that people tend to forget how tough it can be. Especially when you live in a rough city like London. Rebel Kites are one of those bands that fought against all odds and actually managed to create one of the most beautiful EPs I’ve heard in a long, long time. They had to endure “living on beans in a Hackney Wick warehouse” and it took them two full years, but ‘The Witnessing’ is finally out, and it’s incredible.

Rebel Kites describe their music as “Cinematic Folk Rock and beyond”, and I couldn’t describe it better. All four tracks of the EP are meticulously crafted and sound big, complex, universal, mind-expanding, so much so that I could easily imagine it as the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson movie or something of the sort.

It’s hard to pick one of the four tracks to talk about, since they’re all pretty much perfect. So go and listen to ‘The Witnessing’ EP, indulge on the richness of Rebel Kites‘ music and support them as much as you can, so that brilliant musicians like them don’t have to live on beans forever.

The EP is now available to download from Bandcamp.