LISTEN: “There’s No Leaving Now” by Ásgeir (Tallest Man on Earth Cover)

Following his 24-hour Straight To Vinyl Marathon that was aired live all over the world, Icelandic alt-pop star Ásgeir has teamed up with a revered independent record store in London to coordinate a “treasure hunt” this Friday, offering fans the one-of-a-kind 7” vinyl, that includes rare tracks and covers, which were requested by fans on social media back in July. The tracks were recorded live straight onto vinyl at the critically-acclaimed artist’s Reykjavik studio during the marathon, and shown on National TV. Each territory has its own rare 7” with different tracks on each.

One of the tracks included on the rare 7” that’s up for grabs is a haunting cover of Tallest Man on Earth’s ‘There’s No Leaving Now’, which Ásgeir has shared today.